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Gum Ghatti is a water-soluble complex polysaccharide exuded from the bark of the tree Anogeissus latifolia of the family Combretaceae. The tree is quite large and found in large numbers in the dry, deciduous forests of India.

GHAT which means a mountain passgiven to the gum possibly because of its ancient mountain transportation routes. It is a large erect deciduous tree, 9-15 meters with a smooth light coloured bark. It is naturally explored product exclusively found in Indian Subcontinents. It is available in different forms & shaped crystals.


Adinath Gum Industries processes Gum Ghatti as follows-Hand picked sorting removal of adhering bark and sand & cleaning, grinding & blending to obtain uniform grades of gum our final product is either in lump form or in powder form with different size, mess or finer. during the process of partical breakdown, imported particals are remover from the gums by shifting & the pure gum is graded as per their respective quality powdered ghatti is light tan in colour and practically no odour.


Gum Ghatti is compatible with other plant hydrocolloids as well as proteins and carbohydrates. there is a relationship between pH and viscosity over pH range of 2-12. the maximum viscosity is achieved at pH 8 and drops sharply on both sides. The addition of mineral and organic acids will cause a drop in the viscosity of the sol.


It is used in imparting clarity to the product at the right viscocity. as it is of low viscocity,it imparts exact flow required in Wines, Whiskey, Soft Drinks etc. Improves stability and prevents separation.Prevents the flavour and colour.