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Gum Arabic Crystals

We process a quality assured range of Gum Arabic that is extensively used in the food industry. Procured from trusted vendors of the world, this Arabic Gum acts as a stabilizer and performs the similar functions.

Gum Arabic Available with us is a premium quality array of Gum Arabic that is imported from global markets and process then supplied to our esteemed clients at an domestic level. Primarily use in the food industry as a stabilizer, this Gum Arabic can be obtained in various specifications as desired by the clients.

In India the labour is cheap and the material is passes through various size sievers and all the dust particals ,foreign matter And wood is separated. Further it is hand sorted in different colours according to various sizes in granules form as per the requirement of our esteemed buyer.

Gum Arabic A water-soluble gum obtained from several species of the acacia tree, especially Acacia senegal and A. arabica , and used in the manufacture of adhesives and ink, and as a binding medium for marbling colors. Historically, gum arabic was used to increase the viscosity of ink, or to make it flow well, to prevent it from feathering, and to suspend the coloring matter"

Arabic is a natural product of the Acacia Senegal tree, occurring as an exudate from the trunks and branches. It is normally collected by hand when dried, when it resembles a hard, amber-like resin normally referred to as 'tears'. Gum arabic is widely used in the food industry, as an emulsifier, thickener, flavour encapsulator and thickening agent.