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Gum Acacia Powder

Gum Acacia is a dried exudation obtained from the stems and branches of Acacia Senegal (L) Willdenow or the related species of Acacia (Fam. Leguminosae). The major source of Gum Acacia is the Sudan. Other important sources are Chad, Senegal and Nigeria.

Gum Acacia is used extensively in the production of confectionery products. The usage is based on the natural properties of Gum Acacia i.e. viscosity, emulsification ability adhesion, film forming, pH stability and excellent compatibility with other Gum and Starches.

These natural properties are utilized to ensure that the finished products have the correct texture, adhesion and coating and controlled flavor release and sugar crystallization.

Characteristics and chemical composition of Gum Acacia are similar to as that of Gum Arabic, Its following Characteristics as Suspending Agent, Emulsifier, Excipient for diet control, binder are used in pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Food and Beverages, and Industrial uses.