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Guar Gum

Guar is a seed of vegetable origin about 3mm in diameter. This consists of outer hull of fibrous matter as a Germ. This Germ Endosperm consisting predominantly of Gum mucilage. This endosperm portion of the seed is separated by mechanical process termed as refined Guar Seed. And after process converts into Guar powder in different mesh size and viscosity.


1.Easy solubility in cold and hot water. It swells in cold water to yield higher viscous solution at a very low concentrates.

2.Fine film forming property.

3.Resistance to Oils, Greases and solvents .

4.Water binding by hydrogen bonding.

5.It acts as an emulsifier and stabilizer. It binds the free water in the system.


1.In pharmaceutical industries it is used as disintegrating agent in tablet formulation,tablet binding, film forming, jelly forming flocculent.

2.It is used as Emulsifier stabilizer for ice-cream. Even it creates a smooth and creamy texture and also releases good flavors and prevents crystal formulation.

3.It is used in Bakery for making cake , cookies etc dry mixing prior to dough making in bread. It helps retain moisture,thus maintains the weight. It also smoothens bread and keeps it fresh for long time.

4.In paper industries it is used as a beater additive .Improves formulation with a more regular distribution of pulp fibers throught out the sheet.

5.In the petroleum industries it has long been established as a water soluble colloid in drilling fluid system.