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288, Shashtri Chowk, Malegaon : 423203,
Dist: Nashik, (MH) - IND

Adinath Gum Industries

A Leading Gum Processing Company


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About Us

Adinath Gum Industries is a leading processing house of Indian Gum Ghatti and other natural gums ( Gum Arabic-Gum Acacia-Guar Gum Gum Ester Gum Karaya Etc). We are firmly rooted in deep interior of India with its infrastructural base at Malegaon-Dist Nashik (M.H). R.M. Kapadia and Bros. is the parent company of Adinath Gum Industries having market experience of more than 50 years.

Our processing unit for Indian Gum Ghatti, Gum Arabic is located at Malegaon Dist Nashik (M.H) and Guar Gum powder with Collaboration associates with our sister concern at Gujrat.

We have fixed principles and exemplary standards of discipline among the process through an organized structure that focuses on producing products of global excellence.


Building long-term relationships with customers, based on trust, support and reliability

We follow ethical business practices. Absolute transparency in dealing with customers and raw materials has been the norm.

We understand your need. We conduct feasibility studies and experiments with product grades to suit specific customer requirements.

Our passion and knowledge has enabled us to build long-term relationships with leading global companies.


To be at the forefront of any technological development and thus, control each stage from research to the final product, is a priority with Adinath Gum Industries in its endeavor to continue as a world leader in gum products. It is our goal to remain the privileged partner of our clients and grow with them.